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Having been in the wedding industry and event managing for over 30 years, we strongly recommend doing your homework.  One of the things we know best is managing events. And as such, we’ve got the hookups. Whether it’s DJs, bartenders, photo booth, photographers, floral design, balloons, event coordinators or anyone else our clients are looking for, we’ve got them all. But when it comes down to it, one of the most crucial elements of any event boils right down to the food. As a culture, it’s something that we love to talk about, and of course, love to indulge in, so if you don’t have the right caterer for your event, it’s a major red flag.

Having the ability to enjoy a quality cocktail hour or meal at an event can be a lifesaver. When at events, people use food as bonding moments, as the opening line to tell someone else about that event, or even just as an excuse to indulge a little more than usual.

When looking for a caterer, here are 10 helpful tips for choosing the perfect vendor.

1. Consider your personal needs and event size when selecting a caterer.

2. Keep in mind your event’s location when picking catering staff.

3. Decide how much flexibility you need from an event caterer.

4. Check out event caterer’s customer reviews before selecting them.

5. Review the event caterer’s costs.

6. Ask to see the event caterer’s certifications.

7. Be sure to find out about the caterer’s food preparation methods.

8. Decide the number of catering staff you need available during your event.

9. Get a tasting of the caterer’s options.

10. Get a feel for the quality level of the event caterer.